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Mrs Chng - Pri 2 Student
Since Luke has enrolled in student care, we were able to put our minds at ease knowing that not only his physical well being was well taken care of, the attention and details the teachers have shown him was evidenced in his marked improvement in the quality of his school work and the results that he was getting for the various spelling exercises in school.

A huge load was taken off our shoulder with regards to his homework and revision as the teachers have always ensured that the assignments that Luke has been assigned will be finished and questions for the said assignments are always attended to and explained patiently to him so that Luke will understand the materials being taught in spite of his slower development.

This is especially gratifying for us as we do not need to spend hours on weekends to go through his school work and are able to spend quality time to bond with Luke; as compared to previously when we had to devote time to revise or do his assignments.

All in all, we are extremely pleased and thankful for the patience and the efforts of all the teachers in student care who not only ensured that Luke is receiving all the assistance and attention required to cope with his schoolwork, but also the prompt and meticulous updates on every single detail that we enquire about (ie: the timing of his naps, the status of his showers etc).

Appreciate all the care and love for Luke.
Mrs Yan - Pri 1 Student
My daughter always comes home telling me about how good the food is in the centre (Thank you cooking aunty) and what new games she has learnt. (Especially English Chess, she can't stop saying how fun it is).

As she is the only child at home, I'm happy she got the chance to mingle with other the kids from the centre.

Generally, I'm pleased with the progress my daughter is making in the student care.
Assessments given by me were all completed with the help of the teachers & she is able to remember them when tested over the weekends.
Keep the good work up team!
Mrs Lim - Pri 5 Student
You guys have been doing a great job especially with a student like my daughter who is not easy to manage.
Lots of patience and care for her.
Now I don’t have to worry about her homework when I get home from work. I can spend quality time with the kids.
Mrs Tai - Pri 6 Student
My son is pretty new to Enlightened Hand .

He love the ‘home cooked‘ food by aunty. He like the spacious, clean environment and friendly teachers.
He participated on the learning Journey during school holidays and look forward for more on next holidays .

We hope teachers’ continue the great effort to care for our kid and ensure school homework is submitted on time and assessment done .

Thank u!
Mrs Tan - Pri 4 Student
With regards to feedback, I have the following to add:
1. The center is concern for the overall well-being of my child and supportive of his other pursuit.
E.g. my child goes for swimming training in the evening twice a week and likely to be more tired the next day.
He is allowed to take a 30-mins nap when required.

2. The center takes action on my feedback with regards to my child’s weakness.
E.g. the teachers make an effort to do a compo weekly both in English and Chinese in order to improve his grasp in this area.

3. The staffs are all courteous and professional.

Some positive feedback from my child himself:
1. The food is healthy and tasty. He especially mentioned some tofu in black sauce.
2. The center is clean
3. The teachers are kind and patient when explaining his mistakes to him.
Mrs Lee - Pri 2 Student
Thank you Mr Foong for ensuring that my feedbacks are conveyed to the team.

I am so happy as long as you are there as the pillar of the team.

I must say the current team of teachers are actually do quite well. :)