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With a structured schedule and specially curated activities, Enlightened Hand Learning Hub provides our students with a holistic learning experience in our Before/After School Student Care Services, under the tutelage and care of our experienced and trained teachers.

At our student care centre, we introduce a structured schedule, empowering our students to be responsible and take ownership of their daily homework and learning. Once the students have completed their daily homework and spelling/听写/dictation, they will be provided with carefully prepared assessments to practice. These assessments are carefully selected to be in accordance with the MOE Syllabus and their school progress.

On top of that, we offer a variety of enrichment programmes for students, focusing on academic and interactive skill-based development indoor programmes, as well as engaging and exhilarating outdoor activities. During school holidays, we prepared an array of exciting and fun-filled holiday programmes designed to invigorate students, and to widen their knowledge horizon.

We understand the importance of providing our students nourishing meals for them to grow, learn and to stay healthy and active. Daily nutritiousness home-cooked meals and healthy tea break snacks are provided to our students before and during their Study Time. We ensure that your child is well taken care of, from their physical wellbeing to their lifestyle. 

Homework Guidance & Supervision

We guide and supervise our students to understand and complete their daily school homework, spelling/听写/dictation, and centres assessments before going back home.

Our teachers will sign on their individual Enlightened Hand Learning Hub student handbook to ensure completion of their homework.

This will give parents their peace of mind to spend more quality family time with their kids at home. 

Enrichment Programmes

On top of our regular programme, we carefully planned and implement fun, enriching and engaging educational programmes. Developed by our in-house teachers, using educational pedagogies and in-line with MOE syllabus, this holistic enrichment programmes are aim to improve students' academic skills, their development in positive character building, and various other aspects of life skills.

During school holidays, our enrichment programmes allow students to engage in learning that goes beyond the classroom. Our students can look forward to a series of fun, hands-on activities and Learning Journeys. Our students go beyond textbooks to learn, build social and interaction skills with peers and teachers, all these whilst having a great fun time! 

Nutritiousness Healthy Meals & Tea Break

Well-balanced and nutritious meals are served daily to our student care students, ensuring that they received the right nutrients necessary for their growth, and energy they required to learn and play. Our meals incorporates the four main food groups of brown rice, wholemeal bread, meat, vegetables and fruit.

Our cook have been trained in food preparation and good hygiene practices, and she is well informed on nutrition, to prepare appetizing meals with different colors, tastes and textures to encourage healthy eating habits of our students.


Outdoor & Indoor Games/Activities

It is important for our students to spend time beyond the confinement of traditional classrooms, and that's where our Outdoor & Indoor games and activities work its magic!

Students have opportunities to be exposed to a variety of sports, games, and structured play, allowing them to foster great friendship, interact, play and have amazing fun in the process! 

We have various types of educational board games that our students can share a laughing joy time with their friends during our Indoor games.