Tel: +65 6600 7666 | Email: | Address: 190 changi road #01-02, MDIS Building Singapore 419974
  1. What are the operating hours of Enlightened Hand Learning Hub?
    Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm

    ** For School Holidays:
    Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 7:00pm
  2. What is the first thing students do when they reach the centre?
    Everyday, freshly cooked meals will be provided to your child upon entering our centre. Thereafter, students will go for their shower/changing of clothes, as they get ready to start with their Study Time.
  3. What can students expect during study time?
    During Study Time, our experienced teachers will supervise and go through our students' school homework, daily spelling and 听写, centre-provided assessments and daily book reading.

    Upon drawing close to test/examination period, our teachers will provide students with assessment papers to revise for their tests/exams.
  4. Can parents provide their own assessments for their child to complete in the centre?
    We also welcome parents to bring along any home-provided assessments, tuition-provided assessments, for our students to work on them when they have completed their school home and daily spelling/听写.
  5. What are the enrichment classes conducted at Enlightened Hand Student Care Centre?
    We also conduct daily enrichment learning for all our students, on the subjects of English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science.

    These enrichment learning conducted by our very own Enlightened Hand Student Care Centre teachers, focuses on topics that our students have learnt and went through in their school teachings, as added on enhancement learning to refresh or recap on those topics.

    Students will also work on centre-developed worksheets to check on their understanding.
  6. Are enrichment classes inclusive in the student fees?
    Yes! All enrichment classes conducted by our in-house teachers are inclusive in the student fees with no additional charges.
  7. What can the students do during their allocated play time?
    After a day of homework and learning, we provide both indoor and outdoor plays for our students to have a relaxing fun time with their friends.

    Indoor activities include boardgames, drawing or colouring, in-house drama activities, and more!

    Outdoor activities are conducted at public playground near our premises, providing students an opportunity to run, mingle, and share a laugh with their friends!
  8. Does Enlightened Hand Student Care Centre focus only on academic development?
    On Fridays, our teachers will conduct values and virtues learning, focusing on a comprehensive holistic education, to nurture our students with valuable soft-skills and character development knowledge to take on challenges in life!
  9. What about the school holidays?
    Our centre remains open during the school holidays, operating from 7.30am to 7.00pm on Mondays to Fridays.

    Besides the normal student care services, we also have fun and enriching holiday programmes lined up to make it a vibrant learning time and play for our students! Our students can also look forward to exciting learning journeys during the school holidays, where our students can go on guided tours or play in different places of Singapore, based on the theme created for the school holiday programme.

    Do check out our Gallery to see more about the fun and entertaining places our students have visited in the past school holidays!
  10. May I have a view of the centre before signing up?
    Sure! Just give us a call at
    Tel: 6600 7666
    WhatsApp: 9777 4916 or pay us a visit.