Tel: +65 6600 7666 | Email: | Address: 190 changi road #01-02, MDIS Building Singapore 419974

About Us

Founded in June 2017, Enlightened Hand Student Care Centre is a newly renovated spacious centre located in the MDIS Building on 190 Changi Road.
Our centre is equipped with individual classrooms for subject coaching and state of the art learning technology. Your child will enjoy healthy home-cooked meals in our cozy dinning area and our clean in-house toilets and shower rooms.
Our teachers are carefully selected and educationally qualified to assist students in reaching their fullest potential. We specialise in the subjects of English, Math, Science and Chinese to prepare them for a bright future. We provide enrichment programmes in the subjects of Music, Speech and Drama, Art and Craft and English Language Phonics. Our classrooms have all the resources needed to support your child's educational needs. 


Caring and Sharing

We strive to enlighten our students by inculcating forward-thinking values such a diversity sensitivity and conflict management while reinforcing the existng ones respect, determination and honesty; as well as promotion active contributions to the community.

At Enlightened Hand Student Care Centre, we believe in holistic growth which sets the path to a bright future.

Core Values

Respect, Determination, Honesty


With a culture of Caring and Sharing, Enlightened Hand Student Care Centre will do our utmost to help orientate your child to the centre with its varied programmes.
In addition, we provide support to assist in these areas of need or concern:
  • Learner-centred Approach, with sensitivity to your child’s learning style.
  • Wholesome Meals prepared at the centre including nutritious lunch, tea break consisting of fruit and snack.
  • Standard First Aid is available to provide assistance and care.
  • Holiday Programmes that are both fun and enriching.
  • Ad-hoc or Supervision of student care programmes for school holidays or times when adult supervision is needed for your child.
  • Emergency Care for parents for have urgent matters to attend and seek last minute supervision for your child.